The busy flock of students filled the hall, and evaporated just as quickly. The only soul left was Matthew. He climbed the first flight of stairs and stopped at the landing, gazing out at the green fields that stretched beyond the schools perimeter.

His phone buzzed…

Matthew dug into his pockets and retrieved his phone with trembling hands.

Another message had been left by Mr. A. It said:

‘Another will die today,

dark hair, blue eyes,


Matthew slumped against the wall and let out a silent wail. Another day, another victim. He had no choice but to continue Mr. A’s manhunt. He was the man within the shadows, beyond the reach of human grasp, inside the darkest corners of the sub-conscious.

Matthew glanced again at his phone, where no messages had appeared. In fact, there were never any messages in the first place. But Matthew had been touched by Mr. A, and he had to finish his work. He retrieved the knife from his schoolbag, and went out in search of his target.

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Never Settle

Never settle. Two words with a lifetime’s worth of advice.

Jonathon stared at the mug on the table, the two printed words jumping out at him like the claws of a demon. But he had done what felt right, didn’t that make it acceptable?

His wife wasn’t his first love, in fact, she wouldn’t be his second, third, fourth, or any number on that list that could stretch on forever. He never loved her, not for one second. But he did love her money and her wealthy family. He didn’t have to work, or stress over paying the bills, or come home tired and annoyed. Didn’t that make settling worth it?

Those thoughts were pointless. ‘Never settle’ were two words that never made it into his permanent vocabulary. Heck, he couldn’t even keep close ties with his own family.

Never settle. The two words echoed as he thought back on his illicit affairs that stretched years. Never settle. The two words reverberated off of the walls as he thought about the build-up of secrets that spilled over, leading to his wife’s suicide. Never settle. The two words that gripped his very soul and drove deep into the pit of his stomach. He sipped the mug, and waited for Jerry’s wife to sneak out of the house…

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